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      1. Product Show


        558 water borne adhesive, available for stamping on printed gold and silver card, printed paper, greeting card, tipping paper and other paper products.

        Safety and environmental protection

        Remaining coating can be stored for a long time for next time use.

        Good cutting performance, high brightness, no blushing after the coating has been dried;

        ABOUT US

        Total investment of more than RMB 100 million
        Annual output exceeds 10,000 tons
        Foshan Sanshui Shunneng Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shunneng Chemical) was established in 2007 and is a subsidiary of Foshan Juneng Packing Material Co., Ltd.
        Shunneng Chemical is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of coating products on films. The company is located in Sanshui District, Foshan City, with registered capital of RMB 5.5 million and fixed asset investment of more than RMB 100 million. The company has a professional design, R&D, production, sales and service team; technical cooperation with well-known raw material suppliers at home and abroad, continuous optimization of process formulas, strict control of the stability of raw materials; technical cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers of hot stamping foils, can provide customers with overall solutions from design, R&D, process, production, etc., the service was highly praised by the customers.

        Enterprise strength

        Professional production

        ?The company has a hazardous chemicals production license
        ?strictly in accordance with the ISO quality
        ?has professionnal production team with rich experience

        Packaging specification

        ?Packaging is strictly in accordance with the requirements of chemical packaging
        ?the production information of each barrel of product can be traced back

        Transportation safety

        ?The company entrusts a third-party organization with transportation qualification to carry out the distribution of all goods
        ?which is safe and reliable,and the timeliness is guaranteed

        Excellent service

        ?The company can provide customers with quality pro-sales and after-sales services
        ?and can provide individualization products according to customer requirements
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